Shidao Hotel is beautiful, good memories

Shidao Hotel is beautiful, good memories

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(Summary description) Sister was invited to Shidao Rongcheng, Shandong Province for work. I heard that some of the swans have flown to Rongcheng for the winter this year. My second sister and I were in high spirits and activel


Shidao Hotel is beautiful, good memories

(Summary description) Sister was invited to Shidao Rongcheng, Shandong Province for work. I heard that some of the swans have flown to Rongcheng for the winter this year. My second sister and I were in high spirits and activel

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Rich land, seaside livable city

  Shidao Hotel is beautiful, good memories of friendship

  ------Impression of Shandong Rongcheng

   Sister was invited to Shidao Rongcheng, Shandong Province for work. I heard that some of the swans have flown to Rongcheng for the winter this year. My second sister and I were in high spirits and actively accompany us. Brother-in-law and our group of four rushed to Rongcheng Shidao from Beijing and Anhui respectively on November 10, and stayed at Shidao Hotel in the middle of the night .

   November 11, early morning

   The next morning, my second sister woke up in a dazed manner and said: Hurry up and take a photo of the sunrise! I opened the curtains in my pajamas to take a look, oh my God, a sea view room!


  Shidao Hotel Seaview Room-Sunrise on the Sea

   After breakfast, go straight to the subject to see the swans at Yandunjiao

Braving the biting cold wind (cloudy sky) to the seaside of Yandunjiao (and Swan Lake Park), I saw groups of whooper swans in the rippling bay, roaming freely, chasing and playing in the water, or singing , Or soaring in the sky.



  Rongcheng Yandunjiao-Swan Lake Park

   The sun was good on November 12 and the temperature rose

   The eldest sister-in-law accompanies the eldest sister to work. In the morning, our sisters spent a leisure time watching the sea and taking pictures near the Shidao Hotel. Shidao Hotel is a national excellent conference hotel (up to a 5-star standard). It is a designated hotel for national party and government organizations. It has received many domestic and foreign leaders. It is surrounded by mountains and seas, with strange rocks and ancient pine, beautiful scenery and spectacular atmosphere. It can accommodate 2800 people for dining at the same time, with complete service facilities, sea-view rooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, beaches, reefs, flowers, and fruit trees, with picturesque scenery. Excellent management team, warm and standard service make people feel at home.


  Inside the museum scenery-beach reef


  The scenery inside the building-the golden ginkgo tree


  The scenery inside the building-the unique cypress tree


  The scenery inside the pavilion-the sparrow on the tree


  Inside the museum-fishing boats on the sea in the distance

   The beautiful scenery of Shidao shocked American students in the WeChat circle of friends. Everyone thought that it would be more appropriate to praise this beautiful scenery with Cao Cao’s 1800-year-old poem "View the Canghai":

   Jieshi is on the east side to see the sea.

   Shui He Dandan, the mountain island is awkward.

  The trees are overgrown and the grass is lush.

  The autumn wind is bleak, and Hongbo surges.

   The journey of the sun and the moon, if it is out of it;

   The stars are brilliant, if they are out of it.

   Fortunately, even Zai, sing to chant.

   Afternoon Chishan Scenic Area

Chishan Scenic Area, located on the seashore of Shidao, is connected by mountains and seas, with spectacular sea views and beautiful mountain scenery. It has a thousand-year-old temple-Chishan Fahua Temple; the world's largest sea god-Chishan Damingjin; a memorial to Master Yuanren, the third ancestor of Japanese Tiantai The place-Chishan Buddhist Temple; the memorial place of Ambassador Zhang Baogao, King of the Sea of ​​South Korea-Zhang Baogao's Biography Hall... One mountain connects China, South Korea and Japan. In the afternoon, few tourists go to the mountains, and the colorful forests and autumn scenery on the mountains are beautiful.



  Shidao Scenic Area-Chishan Scenic Area

   November 13th rain

   It was rainy and cold in the morning, and the eldest sister and his wife were still working. We were leisurely walking in the rain near the hotel. It was also very beautiful to take pictures of persimmon trees and crabapples in the autumn rain with our mobile phones. The seafood in Shidao is fresh and authentic. We inspected the seafood products, did our homework, and prepared to purchase a batch. Do market research first and proceed as appropriate, haha!


  The scenery inside the pavilion-viewing sea pavilion


  The scenery inside the pavilion-ripe crabapple fruit


  The scenery inside the museum-persimmons with branches

   4 people walked in the rain in the afternoon

   Chashan Scenic Area is composed of red granite. The scenery on the mountain is patchy. There are many strange rocks, strange springs in the world, famous historical caves, and unique sea erosion landforms. Taoist history is particularly prominent. The natural environmental protection of Chashan Mountain is still very good, relatively primitive.


  Shidao Scenic Area-Jiuding Tiecha Mountain

   Sunny November 14

   There was a market in the morning. When I was young, I heard my mother say that I used to wait until the market in northern rural areas to buy things. It was very lively. Came across today, go to the market! A must. Seafood, pancakes, shrimp skins, a few large packages are full. Pancakes are specially bought for parents, that is their favorite, ha ha!


  Shidao Folklore-Kandaji

  It’s too early to consider. We also visited the seaside wharf. Shidao Fishing Port is the largest fishery port in northern my country, where all kinds of fresh fish, shrimps, crabs and shellfish are traded.


  Shidao Fishing Port-Shidao Fishing Port

  Afternoon, the eldest brother-in-law felt tired after working hard for a few days and insisted on resting in the hotel. My three sisters can't stop, let's set off from the seaweed house in Dongchudao Village!

Popular science: The seagrass house has a history of over a hundred years and has been included in the world's intangible cultural heritage. It is a traditional Jiaodong dwelling with fishing charm and folk customs. It was built by the sea. The local ancestors used materials on the spot and built the walls with thick stones. The large-leaf seaweed grass growing in the sea is dried as a material to cover the triangular roof to build a unique seaweed house that is warm in winter and cool in summer.



   Jiaodong Traditional House-Seaweed House

   Return to Anhui on November 15th, laugh and laugh all the way!

Thank you elder sister and his wife for the kind meeting, thank you for the high-quality service of the enthusiastic Shandong Shidao Hotel, which added a lot of joy and excitement to our sisters’ Shidao tour! Also thank the tour guide and driver who helped us and accompany us in the itinerary. Tian deeply felt the hospitality of Shandong people. The whole arrangement was rich and exquisite, warm and thoughtful. Every day, the seafood feast was full! Our photos recorded the colorful pictures every day, leaving behind the beautiful shadow of Shidao. Good memories.


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