Wedding Banquet Hall
Wedding service introduction: (1) The hotel has the Yellow River hall, which can accommodate 800 people at the same time, with no pillar design, and other banquet halls for guests to choose from. (2) The hotel has more than 30 years of wedding service experience. (3) The hotel has set up the wedding service department, providing one-stop service for wedding reception, and working with the wedding company to launch the unique Chinese and Western wedding design, beach wedding, lawn wedding and so on. (4) the base of the hotel ecological garden is supplied with green organic raw materials, and the management is absolutely good faith. (5) free of charge within the confines of the scenery photography. (6) all drinks are available at a reception. (7) that night, relatives and friends enjoy preferential Hotel prices. (8) the hotel offers excellent bus and minibus service. Wedding banquet reservation price of 1390 yuan / tables above, We can also customize high-end wine banquet according to happiness. Who held a wedding like main in the hotel, Wen Guoyan, baby birthday party, birthday, housewarming feast, champion can enjoy preferential free of service charges. Wedding service hotline: Ren manager, 13371161399.
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