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Shidao hotel is located on the east end of jiaodong peninsula. It was founded in 1992.The construction area of shidao hotel is 35000 square meters. On January 1, 2001, the provincial tourism bureau approved the four-star tourist hotel.


Shidao hotel is surrounded by sea, with beautiful scenery .It is not hot in summer and cold in winter. The hotel is about 200 meters from shidao port, 30 kilometers from rongcheng high-speed railway station, 40 kilometers from weihai airport, 90 kilometers from weihai port, and convenient transportation of sea, land and air.


The hotel covers an area of 280,000 square meters with 200 guest rooms and 20 kinds of restaurants.The international conference center has an auditorium of 600 people, a multi-function hall of 300 people, and 11 large, medium and small conference halls.The hotel has a coastline of 1,100 meters, the beach, outdoor swimming pool, indoor swimming pool and other entertainment facilities are complete, the guests are able to sea, play sea, go fishing, enjoy the sea of interest;The shidao international travel agency, ticketing center and tourist teams of the hotels of the hotel can provide various kinds of Tours, pick-up stations, tickets and sightseeing services for various meetings and team events.

Provincial Tourism Administration approved as
a four-star tourist hotel
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Shidao Hotel is surrounded by the sea on three sides and land on the other side. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea. The scenery is beautiful and the environment is beautiful. There is no severe heat in summer and severe cold in winter.

Provincial Tourism Administration approved as a four-star tourist hotel

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The hotel has established hengji ecological agriculture science and technology co. LTD, can provide all kinds of seafood products for food, vegetables, eggs, pigs, sheep, flour and other native products, such as green food raw materials.The hotel has a branch in jinan - shidao villa, a tourist service center in Beijing, and the brand awareness is constantly improved.Shidao hotel is an ideal place for leisure tourism, conference training and government affairs reception.


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Yingbin Road 1, Rongcheng, Shandong, Shidao

Shidao Hotel is surrounded by sea on three sides, land on the other side, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment

There is no scorching heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. Provincial Tourism Bureau approved as a four-star tourist hotel


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